Project Overview
Similar to many districts across the country, Eanes ISD (located 8 miles northwest of Downtown Austin, TX) is tasked with improving older facilities, managing increased utility costs, and planning for financial uncertainty. In order to address these areas, Eanes ISD is partnering with Excel Energy Group, a turnkey, specialized lighting company, to ensure students have a “bright” future by investing a little over $2.3 million into a new LED lighting system. The upgrade is expected to generate $265,779 in annual savings and $6 million in cumulative savings over the lifespan of the LED system.

Scope of Work
Excel is focused on maximizing energy savings while optimizing district light levels in the most financially efficient manner. At Eanes, roughly 14,566 interior and exterior light fixtures will be upgraded to new LED technology along with 699 occupancy sensors. Fixture housings in great shape are generally retrofitted with LED lighting while old, unsightly fixtures are replaced. All gyms, emergency lighting, and exterior fixtures are upgraded to new LED fixtures for cosmetic and safety purposes. Occupancy sensors are installed to reduce hours of operation during unoccupied times.