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As the Nation’s leading LED and Solar design and installation team, Excel Energy Group is committed to excellence in energy efficiency and is always on the cutting edge of energy technology.

Reduce, Then Produce

Our unique approach to energy savings starts with the goal of reducing your usage through LED conversions, and then strives to eliminate your energy bill with clean, renewable, solar energy.

Brighter Futures Guaranteed

With over 27 years of Energy Saving experience, we guarantee you will realize big savings, with better technology. Our guarantee is the Excel difference.


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FREE Audit

We offer free, no obligation LED audits and Solar surveys for qualifying prospective clients. LED audits include a detailed room-by-room evaluation of your entire facility in order to best understand your potential areas for efficiency improvements. A solar survey includes a detailed site analysis and assessment of potential solar array options as well as documenting historical energy usage to better gage the size of your system.

Product Installation

Our on-staff installation team is professional, seasoned, and highly trained lighting technicians. They generally work at night, on weekends, or at unoccupied times suitable to the customer to allow continued use of the facility space. Our solar installation team is certified and efficient. With years of industry knowledge we understand how to design and install the most efficient PV arrays for your project.

Guaranteed Savings

Excel Energy Group guarantees that your reduction in utility costs will cover the entire cost of the project, in the contracted time frame allotted or we will repay you the difference. Our guarantee ensures that a lighting or solar energy project with us is no risk to our customers.

Why Excel Energy Group?

At EEG, we utilize the best products with superior technology at the lowest prices possible to deliver the most energy efficient results for our customers. With over 28 years of experience, over 1,800 projects, and our commitment to continual improvement, we have created the most reliable energy company. Contact us today to see how we can help you go green and save big!

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